About Us

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”

Perzepolis is a team of enthusiasts who live and breathe the travel business and do it with a lot of love.

Custom Travel Experiences

We are here for you to create unusual, once in a lifetime experiences, helping you to experience Croatia as it really is and to return from your trip richer in knowledge and with an unforgettable experience.

Our trips abound with a mix of culture, natural beauty and encounters with the locals. We are happy to embark on adventures, hiking and exploring lesser known places. Our trips are always adaptable to your individual needs, so they are appealing to your various interests.

Pula 2, Croatia

Building Memories

The idea to turn the love of new experiences into a life vocation gave birth to the Perzepolis travel agency in 2007.

The desire for a different travel experience has led to the creation of trips that have selected routes, not classic or common. Yes, you will see classic localities, but with a different approach. You will not be an observer from the side, but you will have the opportunity to get closer to the local community and get to know its way of life through your own experience. One thing is guaranteed; you will experience the destination as it truly is, with real people and their life stories.

No Distance Is too Far

We’ll take you to the far off unexplored corners of Croatia as well as the ones you simply can’t afford to miss

Pula, Croatia
Dubrovnik 3, Croatia
Plitvice, Croatia
Makarska, Croatia
Split, Croatia
Pomer, Croatia
Hvar 2, Croatia
Grožnjan, Croatia

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