Croatia Tours & Travel

Natural beauties

Get to know the country with thousands of islands, numerous national parks and untouched nature. Whether you choose to climb the continental green slopes or walk by dazzling Adriatic cost you will not go wrong, because each region offers you a unique experience.

Historical places

Ancient Monuments, traditional crafts, folklore or history of art are just a few thousand things that Croatia can show you on our little travel back in time, following traces of ancient civilizations. This is a country where the ordinary stroll along the cobblestone streets will have its historical story to tell.

Top Sights

Plitvice Lakes National Park





Plan Your Perfect Trip With Us

We are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm, with our years of experience. We care about your wishes and create great journeys to inspiring destinations. Our trips are completely based around your interests and schedule. Whether you like adventure or relaxation we are here to fill your journey with all that you wish for. Land of diversities gives us a great opportunity to get you closer to local culture, their people or their nature and help you to have unique experience and unforgettable holidays.

What we offer

Hiking tours

With these trips we want to take you trough heart of Croatia and to the some of the most spectacular places in our neighborhood. Most of these locations are still untouched by mass tourism with a genuine feel of the true Balkan region.

City tours

Experience the best of the most beautiful cities of Croatia

Classical tours

Tours that take you to all the best regions of Croatia to experience one of the most versatile landscapes in Europe.

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When to visit


Winters in continental Croatia are cold and prices are low. Holiday season brings buzz to the streets, even with the snow. Peak of the winter season is Advent. In larger cities it is a series of holiday events held on the city’s streets and squares, bringing the spirit of Advent and Christmas to guests through a rich musical and artistic program.

Spring & Summer

In spring and early summer, the coast is gorgeous, pleasant sunny days makes Adriatic warm enough for swimming. Tourist facilities are up and running but no crowds and prices are lower. It is the great time to get the best feeling for how the locals live. It’s also the perfect time for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain-biking, rafting and kayaking, and the steady maestral wind makes sailing great.

Peak season

July and August are peak of the summer season and brings the best weather. Hvar Island gets the most sun, followed by Split, Korčula Island and Dubrovnik. Prices are at their highest and coastal destinations at their busiest but besides sunbathing and swimming it gives you great opportunity to enjoy open-air cultural events or summer festivals.

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