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Gourmet & Spa

Croatia is a unique place for every visitor looking for something special to stimulate his or hers body senses. With more then 150 years of tradition in tourism this country has developed complex variety of cuisines blended with some of the finest vines in Mediterranean and South Eastern Europa. Despite strong influence of globalization it has preserved customs of home made grown food and spending time around family table.

We invite you to discover why the people here enjoy so much a ritual of preparation of everyday meals trough special tailored trips based on your preferences.

These are just some of the options we offer :

  • Discover the best restaurants from Zagreb across Istria and Dalmatia
  • Small family guesthouses with authentic home made meals
  • Taste of north-west Croatia
  • Hidden places of mountain regions and east Croatia
  • Vegetarian tours
  • Cuisine of Balkan region
  • Wine and olive oil tours
  • Spa holidays with variety of wellness programs and healthy meals